Architecture - Masters


The purpose of this project is to understand the issue of homelessness in Australia and propose a suitable urban strategy especially for people who are experiencing it in youth age. This Urban Common focuses on creating a desirable urban environment in Brisbane city in regard to the growing population of young homeless people since late 1900s and to organise solutions which enable to create a coexist society for our future welfare.

Hyeonwoo (David) Lee

Through the first five years of time he has spent as an architecture student, David Lee has learned that architecture is rather a much more complex material than how it looks on the surface; it is an element which influences and shapes human experience in various aspects such as emotions, thoughts, safety, and general quality of life - It is an important aspect shaping our society. The past five years has led him to develop an ability to think critically about how built structures can affect society, and thus the important role of architects in regards to this. He believes intelligent architecture is not only capable of building spaces for human needs, but for societies needs as well, and is key to draw a better future for us all.