Architecture - Masters


The urbn.commons is an architectural proposition, located in Fortitude Valley, QLD with the aim to provoke discussion on the issues surrounding domestic violence and homelessness in Australia.


Domestic and Family Violence is a major social issue in Australia.

Among women and children Domestic Violence is the primary reason for seeking assistance for homelessness, with up to half of all women attributing their homelessness to violence in the home.
Domestic and Family Violence are not inevitable or intractable social problems, however. They are the product of complex, yet modifiable social and environmental factors. The urbn.commonsn aims to tackle DVF by challenging existing community attitudes, norms, structures & practises. Through education, collaboration, and social mobilisation the urbn.commons aims to shine a spotlight on domestic violence issues.

Our vision is to enable individuals and communities to recycle, repair and re purpose textile waste into well designed and attractive products that will be sold to raise money for domestic and family violence prevention and education. By partnering with community grassroots initiatives and national enterprises and governments the urbn.commons aims to establish a network of support for domestic violence victims and perpetrators and to share experience, skills and insight.

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Rachael Watson

Rachael is a masters student. This was her final semester before graduating.