Architecture - Masters

Urban Proposal: Home Space Woolloongabba

Home Space Woolloongabba represents an active architectural provocation intended to hijack the usual power dynamic of large-scale urban development. The proposal seeks to disrupt the complex cycle of homelessness in our community by developing a non-government partnership with Homelessness Australia – the peak body for charitable social organisations. Empowered by this strategic partnership, the proposal seeks to address the contested Queensland Government-owned Priority Development Area recently designated for the new Cross River Rail infrastructure in Brisbane City. The State Government is currently drafting Development Schemes which will dictate how the land above and around these train stations can be developed. The Woolloongabba site features a large area of publicly owned land which offers a great opportunity for the city to bolster its commitment to its citizens and social support network. This proposal will form a central place in the city where care can be initiated, and specific services rallied. Forming a home for community-based problem solving to deliver meaningful and life-changing care to those who are most vulnerable and in need.

Nicholas Purdy

Passionate about public space and complex ecologies - the environment and society are the focus of Nicholas Purdy's work. As a graduating Masters of Architecture student, Nicholas looks towards ethical means of architecture as acupuncture throughout the city and beyond.