Architecture - Masters

The Underdog Project

My personal perspective of Sandgate Bay understood in an architectural exaggeration; an interaction of linear and organic form that serves as a place of healthy mental and physical stability, social communication and interest. Its program is inspired by the consideration of human nature and our contemporary understanding of the ‘generation gap’.

One of the greatest challenges for the future, particularly in Australian society, is the separation of generations which impacts upon quality of life, health and a sense of inclusion for both seniors and youth.

Architecture can’t force people to
connect; it can only plan the
crossing points, remove barriers,
and make the meeting places useful
and attractive.

Denise scott brown. 2009.

Eden Prior

Eden Prior is a ‘big-picture’ person who is interested in understanding architecture as a means to an end (bettering society, environment, perspective and lifestyle). Their creative passions lie in developing places of contrast, innovation and meaning.