Architecture - Honours

The Centre x Hall of Democracy

The Centre is a reform project of Hall of Democracy, located on George street, Brisbane. The site shares to location with Brisbane well known historical precinct, The Mansions. The centre project is an urban public creative space where diverse groups of like minded people can connect and also provoke positive political movement through creative platforms. The sense of Community and belonging is the main intention of the centre, aiming to provide the space for majority and minority in society to be able to access free communal food productions and public facility. The Fabric of Design is the reflection of the public perception to Democracy and government system, implying to sense of manipulation. The intention of design is also to celebrate the beauty in the simplicity and revolution of glazing building.

Free Speech Public Auditorium

Free Speech Public Auditorium is an appropriate platform for debates, small scale public performance. The design enhance the beauty of water body on the site at the entry of the building. The water falling from the fountain create low depth pond in summer feature, can be for kids to play and put their feet in water in hot summer.

Reflective Zen Corner

Zen corner is where visitors can experience the beauty of landscape while being indoor, also experience of coolness from water and shade of building connecting to the mansion. The mirror reflects the activities and movement from The mansion Walking lane, giving the connectivity to the landscape without being in the open landscape.

Roof Top Urban Farm and Community Garden

Roof top is for Urban farm and community garden where public and access the free community produce. This produce are also fed to the community kitchen restaurant on the level below to generate to fund the community garden and urban farm. We care about minority who can not afford food produce especially during pandemic crisis. We aim to create the sense of community by connecting people through public food and produce space.

Learning hub

Learning Hub is the free public facility for public. This space is beneficial for University students, work traveller from Hotel who needs the working space, minority who cannot afford the computer access for learning. This is a hang out on educational based hub where people can connect and learn at the same time.

Luminated Playground

Luminate fountain Playground is a creative space for family and kids. The site provide the light source to the street and also interact with the users to enjoy the nightlight . This space can also be the paltform for art installation and public art performance.

political fabric x site

The site is surrounded by numbers of Government buildings, historical building, and future development. It is also located near Queensland University of Technology where numbers of protest has happened. The context and positioning of the site imply to the irony of the given position of public from Government, reference to Assembly Chamber in Queensland Parliament house architectural layout. Public only allows to access and witness the political activity by watching from the above level. The layout of parliamentary chambers, even contemporary ones, consistently treats the public as detached spectators of government rather than potential participants. In a political sense of context, this is a reversed position for governments to witness and watch the movement and decisions that are made from public.

Internal relationship
Replicate the role and sense of the traditional political action in response the function of the original function and role that government construct for public through the assembly hall design. Political decisions are made on ground floor. Use hierarchy as a sense of separation to political action within the space.

External relationship
Create strong and direct relationship with queensland parliament house , the significant government building respectfully through the opening of auditorium with queensland parliament house in the background for free speech activity.

External relationship
Create a high visibility building in the centralised site surrounding by number governmnet replated buildings , to attract the attention, express the irony of the reverse role that the government now become a spectator not participants.

site analysis x site response

conceptual diagram

floor plans

Site Plan

on Ground Floor

G Floor

Floor Plan

Level 1

Floor Plan

Level 2

Floor Plan

Level 3

Floor plan


Different Public Spaces & Circulation


Core & circulation

main elements in design

Hall of democracy is a public building desing project which inspired by reforming the perspective of the political movement and reflect the democratic system. The façade design is inspired by luxfer prism and keppler structural system. Hall of democracy is designed to reflect the aesthetic quality of the ideal democratic government system. The façade and building design are the appreciation of beauty in simplicity and reflection, that secrete the sense of manupolation experession
The main 3 element in design
1.crystal shell
Visual expression of the vision that public precieve as a sense of manipulation in government syste, “ crystal clear” metaphor that not only give the illusion of honesty, but also sense of the truth of reflection.
2. Roof structure
Represents the architectural elements at the early age of traditional government building, the gigatic shelter structure that provide the sense of protection and safety.
3. Internal building
Represent the possibility of how different department can connect and work together under the same roof. The hiearchy of building form, connection and circulation are replicated from the system of queensland assemby hall.

Formal Auditorium

Elegance political speech and performance platform. Powerful context and strong relationship to the Queensland Parliament House in the back ground through the glazing skin of the building.

Atrium Design x Parliamentary Chamber relationship

Atrium is designed to replicated the same relationship as The layout of parliamentary chambers and control circulation. The public and watch and witness the activities happening in the space from above, but most of the public activities happen on the Ground Floor.


Form Diagram


Modular Product – Plan & Elevation


Connection Detail


The Centre is a collaborative project of Chien Yasamut and Flora Lau.

Chien Yasamut

Passionate in innovative technological integrated, Facade, and structural honestly Design. Chien Yasamut believes that architectures help contribute the positive influence to Urban Fabric and people. Chien is highly passionat in exploring innovative integrated design and expression of building through simplicity. Chien has worked in a large scale project since 2019, while completing the Bachelor degree in Architecture at QUT. Chien's main skill set are Design visualization, BIM, and Documentation