Architecture - Masters

Spring Hill Urban Commons

The proposal at hand is a sanctuary for younger homeless women in Brisbane, whilst also becoming an urban amenity for the general public. It is a place of refuge where users can feel safe, welcomed and at ease, experiences which are a direct contrast to statements from homeless women of “feeling in danger” and “being uncomfortable and scared “. The infrastructure allows engagement with likeminded individuals through provision of public ground floor amenity, whilst also providing spaces aiding personal escape and private recovery. Generally, the thoughtful architectural design promotes an all-encompassing feeling of safety and support in the community through function and design.

The proposed site, 588 Boundary Street, Spring Hill, is a location that appropriately lends itself to the functioning of the architectural proposition. Buildings surrounding the proposed site include hospitals, medical centres, education services, commercial offices and Charity Buildings such as Queensland Shelter (Community Housing) and Mission Australia (Non for profit charity). The selected site is a highly appropriate location for the architectural intervention as it is a busy community hub that offers numerous public assistance services.

The geometry of the building was directly influenced by orientation to create a specific internal atmosphere. Northern facing high level windows bring a pool of light through the central body of the building, naturally brightening and likening the space to a courtyard.
The urban commons is a space where the homeless females of Brisbane can feel supported and safe in Brisbane. Personal recovery can be a long process, however, with the provision of necessary tools and involvement in a positive encouraging environment, these women can become inspired to see change in their lives and envision an alternative future of positive change.

Mattie Howell

From a young age Mattie has always been curious about design, however, it was the realisation that she could turn this curiosity into a lifelong endeavor that really got her excited. The prospect that meaningful and unique architecture can have a huge impact on the way that we live our lives, is an idea that really inspires Mattie everyday as a designer. Mattie is learning new creative skills every day in her work and personal life and is really looking forward to her future in this creative profession.