Architecture - Masters


Intergenerational Campus in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil Designed for Senior and School Students and/of Azorean Community Inspired by the Traditional and New Brazilian Architecture

senileniors – an intergenerational campus and living

Designed for Senior and School Students and/of Azorean Community

Florianópolis, the capital of southern Brazil’s Santa Catarina state, is made up mostly of 54km-long Santa Catarina Island.

The Design is going to help connect the two generation of Senior and School Students. Design Proposal of Stage 1 of an Intergenerational Campus named Senilenials. The design is established with the design focus of integrating local and International senior living and school student from year 7 to year 12. The first part of the report covers Site context analysis, constraints understanding of key clients and their needs.

Part of Senilenial’s Education programmes will focus on educating students about their own culture, their vision of globalization that shape their perception of their own identity, with the help and sharing of knowledge and stories of the senior residents as guess speakers, covering topics of Arts and History that shapes the Azorean Culture.

Linh Nguyen

Hi, my name is Linh Nguyen. Born and raised in a Vietnamese family filled with tradition of Arts and Design. To me, Design and Architecture are media that help expressing places’ and people’s identities and exposing these identities to other audiences. I wish my Design would help my people on their journeys to discover their desires, while assisting them to understand their true needs. I am also hoping that my Architectural practice will be a strong connection and integration between the two cultures of East and West.