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“School of Fish” Azorean Agricultural Intergenerational Campus

Over the past years the Azorean community has suffered marginalization with the influx of other cultures to the coastline of Florianopolis, population increase, urbanization and gentrification. With this comes the feeling loss of cultural identity felt by many marginalized groups in urbanized areas. With population increase also comes the increasing need to provide affordable accommodation to people over the age of 60, that allows people to age in place within a healthy community. This masterplan for the ‘School of Fish’, The Azorean Agricultural Intergenerational Campus is a response to these issues, in order to reconnect generations of the Azorean Community, provide an engaging and practical education and provide a healthy living environment for people to age in place. The ability for humans to be connected and live a healthy quality of life are fundamental needs. They idea of schooling as fish do, is where the community move can move together learning and creating and growing together as a group, no matter what the age, in a secure environment. This masterplan hopes to not only provides a place that one can have a deeper understand of their own cultural identity and connect with others with similar cultural backgrounds to their own, but to educate the broader community of Florianopolis and visitors of the Azorean History and Culture of the island. This staged masterplan will provide educational and shared facilities for 648 students, along with residential accommodation for 75 seniors, with a primary focus on sustainable agriculture and food production.


composite masterplan

Composite Masterplan

stage 1 masterplan

administration & library

glas & agriculture buildings

food production building

assisted living & residential

Sarah Fleming

Sarah has just completed her masters of architecture at QUT. Please enjoy