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Sandgate Bay Intergenerational Campus

Sandgate Bay Intergenerational Campus is a project for creating an intergenerational living and learning environments to both senior residents and students. The project will be a co-learning, co-fitness, co-care and co-creation space for target users. The aim of the project is to enhance resident’s wellbeing, health and encourage seniors actively participating in community life. For students, they can develop their skill in meet age care and future career training.

Sandgate Bay Intergenerational Campus – Intergenerational Living and Learning Environments –


Sandgate Bay is a coastal suburb and a hot spot for people to spend their holiday. Its natural environment is value to promote to others. Therefore, tourism is selected to further develop. To attract more visitors to the site, promoting local natural environment e.g eco-systems and the wetlands surrounding the site is the theme for tourism.

This project is focus on three parts: Education, Senior Living and Integrated program for both target users.

In order to create an intergenerational living and learning environments to both seniors and students, they will work on enhancing and promoting the value of local natural environment and encouraging community concern & involvement through co-learning, co-care, co-fitness and co-creation.

The design concept is inspired by the wetlands of the Sandgate Bay. The key elements of wetland are applied to the overall design. There are three main area in the site which is educational zone, residential zone and community zone. Community zone is a central of the site to combining other two zone and promote the co-learning, co-fitness, co-care and co-creation.

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Chung Hiu Lam, Melanie

Master of Architecture, Queensland University of Technology Melanie is creative, deep passion in architecture. She is passionate about sustainable and environmental design, and how it interacts with the society.