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Sandgate Bay Intergenerational Campus

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The Sandgate Bay masterplan is the combination of three pillars: community, collaboration, and connections. Providing a cohesive link between the bayside campus and the rest of the Sandgate region. The design sets out to create a new intergenerational typology for education and living, tackling the emerging aging population in Australia. Both play and learn are viewed simultaneously. The result is a new community environment that is designed for the interaction between the young and old, students and neighbors, the community and greater public. Types of interaction have been explored, creating a clear design language through the design of each space. The masterplan exemplifies 21st century intergenerational living and learning, fostering creativity, collaboration and community.

Sandgate Bay Intergenerational Campus





Erika Rice

Erika is fascinated in the way people engage with architecture because it can have such a positive or negative impact on society. She is driven by the creative, collaborative, and responsible design approach as well as a strong commitment to environmentally sustainable design principles. Erika believes design should be functional and aesthetically appropriate. Having gained experience in local and international architectural firms Erika has had the opportunity to learn many different programs and processes, making her open minded to the world of design and how she can be the best possible designer for the future.