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Ribbon Pavilion

Encouraging community engagement through equal provision of opportunity and support, this Hall for Democracy achieves its goals by marrying a responsive Government with a proactive people. A program of two distinct wings, unified through a desirable green public realm, displays a compassionate and adaptive architectural response to the disengagement problem facing modern Democracy.

As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown

Norman foster, architect (2007)

architecture that provides

Democracy is fundamentally about community, something intrinsically created by being selfless and understanding that the better result is beyond your own personal ability. We can look to the functions of Government, like infrastructure, health or education, and see how these are insurmountable to manage with an individual mindset. It is because of this, that democracy succeeds in the same conditions that community succeeds. Where people show their willingness to communicate and help others in need. So how can this philosophy be translated into Architecture where the future is unknown?

governing principles

design response

A dual building program married through desirable public green space.

The resulting design is a combination of two wings, aptly named the East & West Wing, joined by a long connecting public realm. This association of two programs speaks to the principle goal established in the return brief; to provide a ‘Responsive Government’ for an ‘Educated & Proactive Peoples’. The East Wing focuses on education & engagement through its Library, Public Forum & Policy Think Tank space for citizens, professionals, and politicians to cooperatively run government. The West Wing shows the government is available & assisting through its Public Kitchens, Pharmacy & Adaptive Hall spaces. These spaces may be used for crisis response or public exhibitions, depending on the present requirements.

systems response



This proposal goes past the schematic into the technical, with a full ‘Development Application’ level of documentation to accompany the submission. This package includes Site Plan, Floor Plans, Landscape Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Roof Plan, Elevations, Sections, Technical Section, Service Details, Construction Details and Fire Egress. Below provides a snapshot however the full package may be able for viewing upon request.

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William Marsden

Will appreciates all of the details that go into the architectural process. From building form to finishing details, Will has a consistent interest in how they work as a cohesive unit. His passion for graphic design and architecture help him understand the structure of form and the organics of the facade.