Architecture - Masters

Praça dos Açores

The small village which would grow into Florianopolis was originally named Nossa Senhor do Desterro. Growing from the coastline, the streets extended further into the island and formed trapezoidal plazas which became the centre of education, public gatherings and development. The Praça dos Açores (Plaza of the Azores) is the main feature of the campus and is intended to be the catalyst for the future development of the surrounding area. It can be seen as a space which not only bridges the divide between the Azorean cultural heritage and the contemporary city but brings in the surrounding community of students, tourists and locals to share in a cultural exchange of gastronomy, performance, art & music.

Floor plans – high school

floor plans – plaza + public market + performance space

floor plans – typical apartment

John Amolat

John Amolat is a student of architecture currently completing his Masters at QUT. He has a keen interest in architecture, parametric design and copious amounts of coffee.