Architecture - Honours


Laodice (Greek – meaning common justice) reinterprets the activation of a public realm by providing a space that gently invokes discussion, inclusion and self-expression among each individual. As a feminine design surrounded by masculine architecture, this Hall of Democracy is a strong statement, representing how considered change and an embracing of human connections can reinvigorate the state of democracy in Australia.

Creating Change

Democracy is moving further away from its classical roots, and in modern Australia it is often overcome by the loudest voices in the room. To create lasting and positive change, a simple discussion needs to be reinvigorated in the public realm. This Hall of Democracy is designed to respond to the urban, street and social context in a way that enables a wide range discussion and expression. The design gently approaches its context to create a welcoming sense of safety, connection, and individuality. Laodice represents a unified system of strength, power, and pressure from the people, that calmly and continually demands change from the current governing powers.

Sarah Peet

Sarah is passionately working towards creating lasting architectural change in her local community. Through her work in urban design, architecture and local government, she aspires to provide design outcomes that better connect people with each other, the environment, and the greater design community.