Architecture - Masters

Job Orientation & Training Centre

Homelessness youth are the heavy users of specialist homelessness services. They are unemployed because they do not have skills for career and hard to get a job. Homelessness youth become homelessness adult. When they have children, children may become homelessness youth. It is a looping. In the centre, we can provide career orientation, then teaching working and interview skills, help them to get a stable job and re-enter the society, out of homelessness. The prefabricated modules - Second hand Shipping Containers can be replaced easily. It give helps in modification of functions and usage which depends on the skill trainings for the immediate need.

Lai Chin Chun Raymond

Raymond is an architecture student who is from Hong Kong. He has worked as an Architectural assistant and designer for 3 years. He currently is a final year master student. His interests are in designing service building. He has took part in designing a Church, Kindergarden, Elderly Centre and Addiction Treatment centre in Hong Kong. Outside of his academics, he has already joined a Planning and Design Competition in Wang Chau, Hong Kong. And he achieved an Excellent Certificate.