Architecture - Masters

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This Architectural intervention took in consideration the context of the proposed location due to the significantly influence that it would have in the design. Based on the surrounding buildings this proposition was designed to integrate the community in the best possible way. The close proximity to the police station encourage the people in need to see this institution as a source of help rather than intimidation. The main purpose is to provide a safe environment. Therefore, the new two separate built entities provide spaces with healthy environments for both; parents and children. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the building is acknowledging the heritage that the area carries on. However, this was address in a different way; by utilising brick and it’s structural integrity in arches, we allowed the heritage to be present and be prominent. Arches were the main aspect of the building aesthetics, it provides a feeling of welcoming and this is achieved by the simplicity, yet beauty and organic use of the brick. However, it was essential to consider the symmetric and repetition of this element. Building one had the arches on the ground level and symmetric square windows above, representing view pockets to the river. Building two have the arches with elongated windows. These options would filtrate the light and allowing views to the river. Furthermore, the glass box is the layer that divides the police museum from the family care. Is an architectural combination between the old and new.

Susana Gonzalez

Susana is a Master Architecture student at Queensland University of Technology. She started her academic career by completing a Diploma in Building Design, where her passion for design was developed and encouraged. This experience inspired her to continue her studies into Architecture. Throughout her career she has gained significant knowledge in environmental, social and cultural sustainability as well as a strong understanding of Australian regulations. Susana believes that exceptional design is about being diligent and passionate.