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Hall of Democracy (DAH811)

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Our final assessment consisted of designing Brisbane’s ‘Hall of Democracy’, a powerful symbol of transparency, truth, inclusion, and diversity. Amy Byun (the original designer of the building) and I were able to produce presentation panels, a physical model, and technical documentation for construction to support our final design proposal for the Hall of Democracy.

byun mutuc architecture’s hall of democracy


The current democracy in Australia lacks truth, transparency, inclusion, and diversity. With the media taking over the system, truth is filtered and manipulated. The Hall of Democracy is a symbol of truth. Without truth, democracy cannot be created. For change to occur, adaptability must unfold. The proposed Hall of Democracy in Australia aims to create change through the inclusion of all people, instilling truth through the transparency of the built environment. Allowing people to connect, communicate, learn, and create change.

The journey within the Hall of Democracy encourages people to connect through an inclusive ramp, surrounding the live discussion held at the heart of the building to maintain truth. The politician dome has a place of importance and hierarchy facilitating politicians, to discuss political matters whilst being exposed to the public. The politician dome symbolises transparency, allowing people to sense, hear and feel the movements and discussions live. The ramp surrounding the dome acts as the building’s main point of circulation, whilst being a safe place to spectate and providing an equal experience for all people.

The Hall of Democracy provides multiple functions allowing all people to engage and communicate. From open discussions, library, meeting rooms, seminars, and the multi-purpose hall; the Hall of Democracy is designed to provide truthful education and intergenerational learning. The multi-purpose hall held at the highest point of the building facilitates live seminars, lectures, and other presentations.

The water feature dividing the land on Ground Level surrounding the dome is connected by multiple accessible bridges, creating a playful and inclusive landscape, that caters to the greater Brisbane and its people. The proposed building’s connection with the existing heritage building ‘The Mansions’, is created through the shared public realm and landscape seatings. The proposed Hall of Democracy facilitates diverse opportunities for all ages, gender, religion, and capabilities.


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byun mutuc architecture’s hall of democracy renders

BYUN MUTUC ARCHITECTURE’S presentation panels

byun mutuc architecture’s physical model

Dave Mutuc

Dave Mutuc is a fourth-year Architectural student at QUT. Dave is expecting to finish his B.Arch. (Hons) by the end of 2020 and start his Master's in 2022. Dave is an incredibly conscientious and hard-working individual, and his humble and generous approach is an asset to each of the projects he is a part of.