Architecture - Honours

Hall of Democracy by Harrison Irusta

The new Hall of Democracy promotes democratic decision making processes, and embodies them in built form. The conceptual design takes a considered and deliberative debate format and provides a sequence of spaces through which visitors circulate, commencing with a wicked problem, opportunity for gaining insights via learning and research, through to discussion and decision. Auditoria, an extensive library and archives collection, public galleries and meeting spaces dominate the architectural program. The building also embraces a sense of neoclassical monumentality, rising from a podium with a strong rhythm of façade columns. The result is a solid building in smooth concrete that erupts from the earth. Extensive use of water for calm reflection and attractive landscaping draws the public in.

Geronimo Irusta

Geronimo is an honours student in architectural design at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. He also studied architecture, structures and heritage preservation at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. His key strengths are using detailed pen sketches, model-making and photography to develop and refine his architectural proposals. He speaks Spanish, English and Italian.