Architecture - Honours

Rise Res Publica: Hall of Democracy

Andrea Indrananda and Jessica Selhorst present: The Hall of Democracy - a new address for residents of Queensland to engage with a transparent democratic government driven by community-based, solution-oriented proposals. The building builds a symbiotic relationship between people and their representatives with transparent facades, open courtyards, and an amphitheatre and square that extends from the street. Within the buildings public spaces, visitors can view their impact on democracy, and voice their opinion to representatives and fellow citizens in a variety of settings. The building also respects its present and future context by conforming to The Mansions height, connecting to surrounding government buildings and using climate-responsive strategies (cross-ventilation, overhangs, and water harvesting/recycling system).

The Design

Design Process diagrams, showing building massing and strategies. 
Diagrams by Andrea Indrananda.
Site Locality Plan

the model

Site Context Model

The Details

After many weeks of snack-fueled collaboration sessions, rigorous documentation, and celebrating tiny victories along the way, we are extremely proud and happy with the work we have completed for the Hall of Democracy – Jess & Andrea

Jessica Selhorst

Jessica is interested in the theory of speculative design, sociology and the psychology of built environments. This drives her dedication to understanding architecture’s greater impact on the world and her hope in design that positively contribute to a site’s place, identity and inhabitants.