Architecture - Honours

Hall of Democracy

The new Hall of Democracy will become a 21st century symbol for the reinvented democracy. It will act as a place for the citizens of Australia to engage in politics and be a part of the conversation. It will be a space where everyday people debate and discuss the issues Australia faces today, in a manner in which they will be heard, by the people and the government.


Good governance stems from general well-being and happiness. But the lack of transparency between our government is interfering with the general well-being and happiness within the community. It is believed that a well-functioning democracy not only aids in holistically happier citizens, it also tends to close the gap between classes, religions and ethnicities.

Together, Phoebe Duckworth and I worked together on Phoebe’s initial proposal to create a design for the Hall of Democracy to remove the barrier and to bridge the gap that separates our governing bodies from our general public and to rather, create an integrated space where the public has a voice. Taking inspiration from both the Swiss democratic ideologies and the Bhutanese focus on national happiness, this Hall of Democracy is to be designed as an inclusive space where there is direct involvement of the community who will now have the ability to learn, to be kept up-to-date, to interact with and be involved in the political processes. Community involvement will encourage health and robust public debate and discussions and will further, establish a dynamic and emerging social leadership fit for the twenty-first century. In turn, this more direct involvement of the community aims to balance the divide between democracy and happiness.

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Tala Clewes

Tala Clewes is an Architecture student with a minor in Domestic Construction. Her background in Biomedical Science has provided her with a unique set of skills that allow her to approach Architecture using uncommon methods. She fuses her scientific and creative artistry to create outside the box designs that have their own unique flair.