Architecture - Masters

Habitare – Interspecies Living Laboratory

Habitare is an inter-species living laboratory that provides sanctuary to both human and non-human species. This material technology research center focuses on finding methods to accommodate the material needs of our human systems using more sustainable consumption methods. The central concept of the design is the idea of "Reweaving the Patches". These patches reflect human systems and their exploitation of the worlds natural resources, resulting in a visual and biological patchiness in the landscape. This concept is brought into the design through visual, experiential and literal interpretations of patches.

Emily-Rose Swain

Emily is excited about the important role the built environment will play in the sustainable future of our urban systems. She hopes that through her career as an architect, she will be able to make positive change to the way we use our worlds resources. Her participation in a recent internship with Urban Synergies Group has peaked an interests in the relationship between the built environment and urban health.