Architecture - Honours

Ground Zero

Ground Zero functions as the central place for restructuring Australian society for the sustainability era, coordinating the functions and legislation of local, state and federal governments towards common goals of achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The restructuring of Australia’s society and economy into the sustainability era is coordinated at the Hall of Democracy, which informs and guides decision makers at all levels of government.

The Hall also functions as a place for education, as the transition to a sustainable era takes place, thus harnessing the power of individuals to initiate positive changes.

M o d e l P h o t o s

f a c a d e a n i m a t i o n

Alexandra Green

Alexandra's interests in sustainability, Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism as well as natural materiality strongly inform her design processes and aesthetics. Alexandra hopes to continue exploring and developing her design identity in Masters while working at Joe Adsett Architects in the multi-residential space.