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Gladiolus House – A Safe Space for Homeless Women

Gladiolus House is a place for women facing homelessness due to domestic violence and aims to support these women in gaining back control in their life through a strong community and mental health help


Providing a homeless person with a home is like pulling a weed out and only getting the leaves, not the roots. Not getting to the deep reasons of why they are actually homeless and therefore will make it easy for them to become homeless again. We aim to eliminate women facing homelessness due to domestic violence using new strategies that face the roots of their issues.

Focusing on mental health, the urban common will provide methods to face women’s domestic and mental health issues. Not only healing women that are homeless, but helping prevent women becoming homeless that are facing domestic violence at home.

The building focuses on creating a community for these women and providing mental health resources, mainly creative therapy, job opportunities and a supportive and safe environment.


Ollivia Grier

Ollivia loves to explore how the built environment can influence people and its surrounding spaces. A simple positive change through design can grow into transforming a whole street or even city for the better. She aims to bring different types of people together through architecture that welcomes all.