Architecture - Masters


A Preventive Facility to Escape Family Domestic Violence and accommodate the increasing number of women and children suffering from domestic abuse in Brisbane. The facility aims to provide the needs of woman and children in able them to escape domestic violence, an integrated facility offering a secure shelter, counselling, opportunities, connection to new friends and the right to live in dignity, free from fear of violence or harm.

Aerial perspective from College Road
Front View from College Close Parking Area
Interior View from Recreation Deck
Interior View from Recreation Deck
Connecting Bridge from College Road to improve accessibility
Floor Level Usage
Ground Floor Plan
1st Floor Plan
2nd Floor Plan
3rd Floor Plan
Upper Roof Plan


Site Location : College Close Brisbane City 4000 Queensland Australia
Site Area : 3,048.51 sqm
Floors : Ground Floor, 1st to 3rd Floor + Roof Deck Floor (5 levels)
4 Gross Floor Area : 6,226 sqm
5. Total Building Area : 8,535 sqm
6. Structure : Reinforced Concrete, Steel Frame Support for Tree
Mechanical and Electrical : Variable Refrigerant Flow VRV HVAC System, LED Lighting
: Passive Design Approach for common areas

A proposed Prevention Facility to escape family domestic violence offering secure shelter, counseling opportunities, connections and right to live in dignity free from violence and harm.

Emerald Gonzales-Ocampo

Emerald was grateful for the opportunity of studying Master of Architecture at QUT after years of practice in Design and Construction in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines engaged on large complex projects. As a returning mature student and adjusting to new city, the Master of Architecture course allows her to gain further knowledge and in-depth understanding applicable to real world practice.