Architecture - Honours


Crippled by its context, CLIFFHANGER is a visual monument to the impact that overbearing power has on society, particularly from government. Located within Brisbane's CBD, the building is surrounded on all sides by overbearing structures that symbolise power, both in their function and program as well as communicating a seemingly internally focused architectural language. CLIFFHANGER stands to contrast this symbolism to deliver a primarily glass structure that emphasises its fragility and embraces its weaknesses. Through this process CLIFFHANGER places transparency at the core of its philosophical ideas, an attribute that is commonly associated with democracy.

Through its architectural language CLIFFHANGER strives to deliver a building that is both emotionally and literally ‘wrapped’ in suspense. The unique glass façade appears to be cloaked over the buildings structure with only glimpses into what’s inside. This creates a seemingly ambiguous function for the building when approached by users, developing a emotive connection as they approach

However in order to formulate the clients new vision of democracy it is important that the building also facilitates democracy by communication a ‘lived political experience’ to its user. The feature hill on the corner of George St and Alice St stands to function as an open protester hill, creating an authorized assembly space for people to give their voice in a very visible and public location. This draws from the traditional notion of public gatherings taking place on the side of a hill and represents once again how the building intends to stand against overbearing symbols of power


Lachlan Harmer

A fourth year architecture student who has recently completed their bachelor of design with honours at QUT. Lachlan is a student who possess a high motivation and dedication to continue and develop his skills, aspiring for perfection through learning and development. Lachlan is also someone who thrives in a fast paced environment, applying the necessary time and effort to achieve a high level of design outcome in any project he is set. This includes incorporating a keen interest in design with sustainability principles