Architecture - Masters

Brisbane’s Youth HUB

Architecture has the power to transform an issue or need into an opportunity to build better cities. This proposal outlines a possibility to address homelessness in Brisbane through the development of a public facility, where all young adults can easily find assistance to shape their future and become self-sufficient. This project provides opportunities to create an iconic structure, which could not only serve young people experiencing any form of homeless, but also provide short-term accommodation to backpackers and students, promoting social integrations amongst young adults. At Brisbane’s Youth HUB, guests will find emergency/temporary accommodation, immediate support to personal affairs, health check-ups, personal care assistance, professional advice, professional training and formal education, financial education, assistance to find a job, a place to socialise and play sports, as well as the chance to become homeowners in a very short-term.

Urban Commons

Brisbane’s Youth HUB (BYH)

Camilo Otalora

Camilo's desire to become an architect began in middle school with a fascination of buildings, structures, and construction processes. After graduating from his Bachelor of Architecture, Camilo worked as construction-site Architect, high-end residential Designer and Urban-policy consultant before relocating to Australia -- where he has been working on residential, agricultural/industrial and infrastructure projects for the last ten years. Work commitments have been in the way for Camilo to commence his Master of Architecture for years, however, this year that goal has been accomplished. Currently, Camilo manages the Queensland design team for an organisation planning, designing and building infrastructure projects in Australia and New Zealand.