Architecture - Masters

Brisbane Urban Commons

The Urban Commons is a proposed urban development, which aims to address and respond to homelessness through architectural typology and intervention. The proposal is home to parklands; a co-op; a soup kitchen; as well as a Resource Centre - comprising of event spaces, workspaces, and counselling suites. The masterplan aims to provide support to those living in; at risk of; and/ or exiting homelessness, through the provision of adaptive and contextually responsive support within an urban context.

Please find an interactive masterplan of the site is available at

Cross-section showing the proposed building, and its relationship to the existing surrounds and streets.
Floor plan showing the ground floor and entry level of the building, serviced by Wickham Street.

Will Nutting

Will is graduating this semester with a Masters of Architecture and is passionate about accessible and sustainable design - both environmentally and socially. Post graduation, Will hopes to work within the residential architecture sector, specifically focussing on accessible design, to help create meaningful change within the industry, and change the status quo.