Architecture - Masters

Bramble Pine Community

The Bramble Pine Community is a masterplan proposal combining facilities for a flexible learning center, senior’s living apartments and extensive community facilities. The site sits at the junction of the North Pine River and Bramble Bay in the historic suburb of Brighton. The history of the town is celebrated through the community zone, including watersports facilities, bath houses and small retail spaces whilst solidifying the existing walking and bike paths along the waterfront. Stage 1 includes an initial intake of 330 students and up to 18 seniors alongside extensive combined facilities.

The Bramble Pine community sits at the connection between the Pine River and Bramble Bay at Brighton, Queensland. The Bramble Pine Community creates a collaboration between youth and seniors to enhance wellbeing, lifestyle, and community. The masterplan proposal centres the facilities around a meandering stream, with open courtyards providing shady gardens for both senior’s and youth. Stage 1 of the proposal includes a 5-stream intake over three-year levels for a flexible learning school, focussing on Bay-centric activities and manual arts. Senior’s reside in apartments above the school and are encouraged to contribute to the school activities through mentoring and collaboration. Stage 1 accommodates up to 18 seniors across 12 apartments and provides combined facilities including ‘the Hub’; a combined learning and cafeteria space for both groups; and the ‘Wellness Centre’, which includes spaces such as a prayer room, theatre and hairdressing facilities as well as learning support for the school.

Samantha Simmonds

Samantha is due to complete her Master's of Architecture in June, 2021. She enjoys exploring the interrelationships between the built and natural environment, especially passive subtropical design. Samantha enjoys working with clients in residential practice and delivering projects and interiors which enhance their lifestyle.