Architecture - Masters

Azorean Intergenerational Campus

The Azorean Intergenerational Campus aims to connect a community of retirees and high school students in Florianopolis, Brazil. At the heart of the campus is the Community Care Center which provides many social spaces for the community as well as full-time care facilities for 20 Elder Azoreans. The community care model will allow high-school students to undertake VET courses in hospitality and personal care work while building relationships with the seniors within the community.

Community Care Center

High school – hospitality and classrooms

Independent living

Benjamin McCormick

Benjamin is passionate about finding ways in which to seamlessly meld aesthetic vision and structural function through his design. Benjamin has completed his Honours degree at QUT and is soon to become a graduate of the Master of Architecture course at QUT. Benjamin enjoys designing timber structures and hopes to further explore the usability of timber within high-rise structures. He also undertakes woodworking projects in his spare time.