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Araucaria Futures – Interspecies Living Laboratory

The Imbil state forest is made up of an extensive network of ecosystems, non-human processes, and communities that operate together for its future. The objective of araucaria futures is to support the rainforest regeneration by providing two interdisciplinary research facilities that specialise in the regions water ecosystem. The araucaria futures - interspecies living laboratory, will be located on two sites within he Imbil region. A ‘field station’ in the Imbil state forest and an ‘institutional anchor’ in Kenilworth town.


interspecies living laboratory

Fatima Hadzic

As a project designer, Fatima is passionate about designing a sense of place that embodies the client’s vision and in turn defines the space. Using the concept of placemaking to design aesthetically pleasing, cultural and sustainable spaces. She is in her element when working within a team in a collaborative design culture.