Architecture - Masters

Aquas Abertas – Open Water

The campus is a combination of secondary school and retirement residents, this combination presents the opportunity for connection between generations. The focus of the architecture is to create environments to co-education throughout the campus and engage all its members in activities centred around the exploration of music, dance and arts in the performing arts centre. This project is full of vibrant and exciting colours that expresses the excitement of the greater community.

The centre concourse of the campus leading up to the grand performing arts Centre between the arts and library buildings.
The workshop is illuminated by the central courtyard full of vegetation so provide a calm environment for education.
The exciting residential form is highlighted with the coloured traditional Brazilian BBQs of each residences unit that can be seen across the campus.
the view shows the setting of the Performing arts centre sitting across the water from the main education buildings to the left set off the central lake.
The image shows the grand formation of the campus as a whole with the residence lining the sides of the campus providing protection for the student within the vast education blocks in the centre all orientated towards the Performing arts centre.

Damien Hill

Damien is an enthusiastic and aspiring architect. Damien has completed the Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Canberra and is soon to become a graduate of Master of Architecture from Queensland University of Technology. From this experience Damien addresses sustainability, context and researches emerging technologies. Every project Damien undertakes investigates how architecture can create enjoyable environments, internally and externally